With the implementation of our Vector Team, we have ‘broken new ground’ within the traditional definition of a mobile patrol service. We have listened to our customers’ needs and blended several solutions into the ‘Swiss army knife’ of mobile patrol services.

So what did our customers want? The answer was often a number of different services ranging from the traditional Mobile Patrols, Lock & Unlocks, Key-Holder Response and Vacant Property Inspections, to less traditional, but no less important activities, such as: emergency spillage response, maintenance checks, fire extinguisher checks, safety audits, accompanying vulnerable workers, parking enforcement, traffic management and first responder.

To accomplish this, we have equipped our Vector personnel with vehicles and equipment that include: First aid kits, spillage management kits, traffic management equipment, vehicle tracking, mobile lone-worker devices and real-time reporting tech.  

Vector now deliver these services to over 1000 sites nationally, often performing several tasks during each visit, ensuring savings can be made on activities that would have been performed at additional cost. So if you want a quick return on investment, get in touch today!

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