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"Best company by far. Pay always accurate and on time - would one day like to return to Anchor" - Michael Doran

"I've worked for Anchor and had no problem, I've only left because of ill health" - Tricia Davies

"I started at Anchor 14 months ago and can honestly say that it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Leaving a job where I had spent twelve years was a huge leap into the unknown for me but by the end of my first week, I was settled in and made to feel part of the team. Fast forward 14 months and I'm now part of the Sales and Marketing team. They identified my potential and have granted me the opportunity to flex and grow as an individual. Parting thought; I used to go to work simply because I had to, these days I honestly look forward to it. Anchor is a great place to work!" - Jennie Povey

"I have worked for Anchor for just over a year, and throughout that time I have found the management team to be understanding and responsive within a reasonable amount of time. I'm based in Manchester, yet know there is someone contactable throughout my shift for support, we always get paid on time. If there are any issues with pay or personal they are very understanding and resolve problems accordingly" - Zak Afridi

"Great company, supportive management, couldn't ask for more" - Hayley Wilkinson

"A really great Company! I have worked for Anchor for 23 years on one of there site in Liverpool. This company pay on time, Management and there 24 hour control room are always on call to deal with my issues/concerns. Although I spend more time with the Customer than Anchor I can say in the years I have worked for them there has not been an issue unresolved. Only the other day I was in the office with another 8 employees to receive a long service award, we had food and really great morning, Anchor paid for our Shift that we missed so that we could attend" - Paul Jones

"Great company to work for. Approachable management" - Geoff Jones. 

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