When it comes to this sector, it's imperative that you have a reputable security provider in place who oversees the prevention of intentional damage through sabotage, subversion, or terrorism.

Why were we picked to provide a complete risk solution to the world’s largest logistics companies on over 30 of their UK sites? Fairly simple really, we didn’t take anything for granted and picked apart their current service delivery by performing a ‘clean slate’ review. Anchor are very outcome focused, and, as we do with other sectors, we take a ‘no two sites are the same’ approach to assessing the risks involved. 

We start by asking you lots (and lots) of questions about: your internal and external customers, your internal controls, your distribution processes, the demographics and geography of your site and surrounding areas, your logistical pressure points, what drives you mad, communications and processes… you get the picture. 

Why? Well we use this information to develop our recruitment and training plan, merge electronic options with physical guarding, assess the benefits of ‘blended’ services, and most importantly, deliver a service that is fit for purpose and effective for your site and sector.

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