Embracing innovative new technology and systems, we know that our employees are safe, on site and carrying our their duties.

Any employer has a duty of care to ensure that lone or vulnerable workers are accounted for. The market place today has a wide selection of technologies to allow for this. TimeGate enables Anchor Group Services the option of monitoring check calls to sites and staff, additionally, all Anchor staff equipped with the Anchor Spectrum device and are live monitored via our control, command and communication centre.

What is the Anchor Spectrum?

In 2010 we listened to our clients when they told us they wanted an application that could patrol reports in real time. We went beyond that request, and teamed up with a leading application developer to create The Anchor Service Cloud; the first smartphone application that could turn any paper report form into an online, live reporting tool. Our application set the benchmark and is now regarded as an industry standard for many patrol reporting applications. 

Not content with being just another supplier with just another reporting application, we went back to the drawing board. We invested heavily in research and development, searching for the right partnership with a leading patrol reporting device manufacturer, and lone worker safety experts. After months of testing, the Anchor SPECTRUM was born. 

SPECTRUM is the most advanced reporting application of its kind. 

One simple device designed specifically for operations task can carry out all the functions of leading security devices at a fraction of the price. 

The Anchor SPECTRUM’S key functions include: 

  • Real-time patrol reporting/ accountability 
  • Form submission and Cloud capture 
  • Incident management and escalation 
  • Lone worker safety and compliance 
  • PTT analogue radio (3k line of site distance) 
  • Full mobile phone functionality 
  • Built in panic alarm 
  • Remote CCTV viewing 

Most operational or security applications are loaded onto a smartphone or tablet. SPECTRUM is unique, a purpose built mobile device specifically designed to withstand day to day patrol duties.

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