Unlocking & locking up a building can be a security risk for the individual and your company. Which is why an increasing number of organisations across the UK rely on Anchor for the everyday safety and security of their environment and staff.

With keys held in our secure Command, Control and Communications centre (C3) under the scrutiny of specialist training and stringent protocols, we can eliminate the risk of loss, theft of keys and removing the danger it represents to your assets and to the safety of your key holder. It also allows us to step in and respond to emergencies or let staff in if the other key holder is not available.

You will have a regular security officer (or occasionally 2 or 3 to cover leave or other commitments) meaning your staff become familiar with them whilst they develop a fuller understanding of the site. 

The officer arrives 15 – 30 minutes before the lock up time, depending on the size and complexity of the site, to do a full site check ensuring: lights, taps and monitors are off, windows are secure, and checking accessible offices and toilets are empty. 

We measure and pride ourselves on our responsiveness, whether that means the speed with which we answer a call, or how we flex to meet your needs. We can usually accommodate ad hoc requests for later lock up times or weekend access, which can be arranged via a single call to the command centre. 

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