We look after some of the country’s most prestigious manufacturing sites. So how do Anchor go about designing and implementing a ‘best fit’ security solution for your site?

Firstly we take a ‘no two sites are the same’ approach to assessing the risks involved, so we would start by asking you lots (and lots) of questions about: your products, your internal controls, your distribution processes, the demographics and geography of your site and surrounding areas, your logistical pressure points, what drives you mad, communications and processes… you get the picture. 

Why? Well, we use this information to develop our recruitment and training plan, merge electronic options with physical guarding, assess future needs, and most importantly, deliver a service that is fit for purpose and effective for your site and sector.

“Yes, Anchor asked us challenging questions, and we wanted a real partnership. For the first time in years, this has led to a full restructure of our service provision and proved astonishingly successful" Jo Moore - Head of procurement.

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