Protect your business and your time from out of hour’s disturbances with our key holding service.

Our rapid response time, 21 years of experienced, professional, capable officers and real-time incident reporting means you can relax and rest easy - safe in the knowledge that the incident, your property, your staff and your assets are in good hands.

As well as protecting you from unnecessary disturbances, we can also protect you against unnecessary costs. Rapid deployment means we are often first on the scene allowing us to control the situation and protect your property – whether it is turning off a stop tap to prevent a burst water pipe from doing serious damage or unlocking the door to let the police in before they use destructive force to enter your property. Our key holding service can save you thousands of pounds.

Anchor operates nationwide, but proudly maintains the supportive, respect driven local team structure we have always had. Which means with an Anchor security officer you don’t just get the individual, you also get the benefit of all the support, experience and resources of the wider, carefully managed, motivated and proactive workforce they are a part of.

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