19 year old Jess joined us a year ago. After leaving school, Jess attended college for a year but soon discovered that she wasn't enjoying the course. Whilst she pondered which path to take, she worked in retail for a year. 

Unfortunately the retailer that Jess was working for went into administration and Jess was made redundant. Her future was looking uncertain at just 18 years old and suddenly finding herself redundant from a job where she had gained knowledge and had hopes of progression. Determined not to let this turn of events beat her, she began to look for apprenticeships in business and was excited when she heard that we had a position open with an immediate start. She chose to apply for an apprenticeship with Anchor after hearing good reviews about working for us and thought it would be a good company to begin a new career with. 

As her apprenticeship draws to an end, we took a few minutes to ask Jess a few questions about her journey with the company so far.

Why did you want to begin an apprenticeship? 

I wanted to begin an apprenticeship with a good company to study in an area that interests me. Having been to college for a year doing a course that I didn't enjoy, I knew that I needed to change course and get into business - an apprenticeship was the only way that I could gain experience and get paid for it. I couldn't apply for an administration job without experience so this seemed like the most sensible path to take.

How did you feel during your first month? 

During my first month I felt nervous, but soon felt part of the team. There was a lot to take in but my mentor allowed me to learn at my own pace and checked in with me regularly to see how I was getting on.  Within a month I was trained to do specific parts of administration and was comfortable working on my own. My coursework went hand in hand with what I was doing in my day job so I felt confident when handing in my first assignment.

How many hours a week do you study? 

I try to spend an hour an evening looking over my notes and I get a visit a fortnight from Allan Woods. There has been times where I have spent the whole day with Allan, especially recently when my final assessments were due.

How do you feel now about work and your future with Anchor? 

I think my confidence and knowledge has improved ten fold. I’ve grown a lot during my time at Anchor, not only as an apprentice but as a person. I’ve learnt things that I never thought I would. If I am struggling with anything, I can always rely on my mentor Gina to guide me in the right direction. 

Jess has a full time job once the apprenticeship is complete. 

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