Anchor Group Services is proud to announce the launch of our brand-new employee reward and recognition scheme, Anchor All-Stars.

We believe that our people are our most valuable asset, and nurturing and recognising our people is central to our growth as a business. This new scheme is our way of recognising those employees who have gone above and beyond what is expected of them, and we are so excited to finally introduce it to not only our team, but to our clients and wider Anchor community.

After several years, we decided that our previous reward and recognition scheme needed a revamp, and this is exactly what we have set out to achieve with Anchor All-Stars. We have given it a dynamic and modern new look, with branding that is distinct and unique to the scheme, but recognisable as belonging to Anchor. This fosters a sense of belonging and means that all assets can be easily recognised by both our employees and clients.

The All-Stars also has several new categories, meaning we can reward more of our amazing employees for a wider range of achievements. These categories include awards celebrating community spirit, innovative thinking, and teamwork, as well as ‘Milestone Awards’ to celebrate those employees who have reached a significant length of service with us.

Winners of the internal reward scheme can anticipate a well-deserved array of incentives and recognition that underscore their outstanding contributions. Beyond the intrinsic satisfaction of being acknowledged by their peers and the organisation, recipients will also receive coveted accolades such as personalised certificates, pin badges, or vouchers.

Andrew Harper, CEO at Anchor Group Services says of the new scheme:

“We expect high standards from our colleagues, but when they exceed those standards, we are committed to recognising that effort, and encourage other colleagues to follow in their footsteps. Nurturing our people is essential to the growth of Anchor and the All-Stars Awards is our way of recognising those employees who have gone above and beyond.”

Nominations for Anchor All-Stars are welcomed twice yearly by any Anchor employee or client, and we are looking forward to celebrating our very first ‘All-Stars’ in spring 2024!

To find out more about Anchor All-Stars, including how to nominate as a client, contact our team here.

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