At Anchor Group Services, our people are our most important asset. Looking after our people means ensuring that we have a diverse and inclusive workforce and offering support wherever we can to those who need it are a key parts in our business’ ESG strategy.

As a result, as well as being a Disability Confident employer and Armed Forces Covenant Winner, we are proud to partner with a number of different charities and initiatives across our many UK sites, including Breaking Barriers NW alongside our client, Market Place Bolton.

Breaking Barriers is a charity for disabled children, young people and their families. It aims to, amongst other things, promote equality of opportunity for all sectors of the community.

We’ll now hand you over to Gillian Davidson, Anchor’s Soft Services Manager at Market Place Bolton to tell you more about the partnership between Market Place Bolton and Breaking Barriers NW and how it has made a difference to one of our amazing volunteers, Michael Sharrett.

“When I first joined Market Place, we collaborated with a local charity, dedicating ourselves to supporting young adults in their community volunteering endeavours, nurturing their personal growth along the way. Our initial participant, whom we worked closely with for three years, flourished under our guidance, eventually securing an eight-hour contract with us before transitioning to a more fitting job elsewhere.

Encouraged by our success, we forged a partnership with Breaking Barriers, a charity dedicated to empowering individuals facing challenges. One such individual was Michael, a young man with Autism and learning difficulties, whose passion for caretaking ignited a desire within us to make his dream a reality. Four years ago, Michael embarked on his journey with us, initially supported by a care worker during his shifts. Over time, he familiarised himself with every nook and cranny of our premises, taking pride in managing the DMR (Dry Mixed Recycling) and mastering the intricacies of our waste operation.

Michael's journey with us has been profoundly meaningful for him. His mother shared with us how he has undergone a remarkable transformation since joining our team. Now, he eagerly rises each morning, brimming with excitement for the day ahead. The joy he felt receiving his own branded work uniform was evident, a tangible symbol of his belonging. His commitment to environmental stewardship shines through as he educates his loved ones on recycling practices, even leading discussions in his own home.

His newfound confidence and communication skills, noted by his mother, are a true testament to the positive impact of his employment. Thriving in his role, Michael now volunteers with us twice weekly, relishing his place within our team. His enthusiasm is contagious, and his contributions invaluable.”

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