With a permit management system in place, you can be sure that your car park is only being used by authorised vehicles.

Ocean Parking’s permit management system is already being successfully implemented at a number of Shopping Centres, Retail Parks, Industrial Estates and Residential Developments throughout the UK. The system was designed to manage staff parking at large retail establishments but following its success, we have developed the system and now implement it at over 60 locations across the UK.

Our back office system currently contains the details of over 5000 vehicles permitted to park at our sites, each one of these vehicles is indexed by location and all owner details are stored securely with keeper information.

Once a permit is issued, the details of that vehicle are accessible on each PSO’s device. All permits are issued with Ocean Parking* hologram logos to prevent forgery. We have a number of different options with regard to visitor parking from bay specific visitors permits to single use scratch card permits, all visitor permits will be issued to meet each individual client’s requirements.

Our Permit Management System Includes:

  • Security printed, self-adhesive parking permits to prevent alterations.
  • Permit holder vehicle information is available on our mobile operative’s device.
  • Live Updates so our operative has up to the minute vehicle information.
  • The flexibility to allow for temporary replacement vehicles.
  • A range of visitor permit options.
  • Notification of vehicles no longer authorised to park.
  • Dedicated permits email address.
  • Same day production of new permits.

*Some permits may still have the Care Parking branding on them during the transition to Ocean Parking.

We firmly believe that responsibility for the administration of permits should belong to the parking operator if the management scheme is to succeed as a permit system which is not tightly controlled, will quickly become abused, particularly on retail sites where parking spaces are limited.

The key features of our standard permit administration system include:

  • PC based system
  • Security printed permits to prevent unauthorised alterations
  • Regular renewals to ensure up to date user data information
  • Comprehensive reports package

Flexibility to deal with:-

  • Staff turnover
  • Replacement of lost or damaged permits
  • Change of vehicle

After the initial issue of permits, replacements can be issued via our dedicated permit management email address. As soon as we receive the new vehicle details and they are entered on to the system even if the permit is not displayed when the vehicle registration is entered, it will tell our operative that the vehicle holds a valid permit, so therefore prevents a ticket being issued.

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