First impressions count – and your Centre’s Cleaning deliverance is uniquely positioned to ensure this impression is both positive and long lasting.

The last decade has notarised a fresh wave of shopping habits, a visit to a shopping centre now is less about traditional shopping and more about a day out with friends or family. Consumers have more choice as to where to shop than ever before.  During challenging times for retailers, it’s vitally important to satisfy the growing aspirations of your customers.  Anchor Group provides clean, useable and safe facilities which have measurable influences on your customers’ spend and return visits. 

Our Shopping Centre Cleaning Services Include:

  • Public areas
  • Circulation areas
  • High-level atrium cleaning
  • Public conveniences and washroom facilities
  • Window cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Large floor areas
  • Concourse surfaces

Working in partnership with our customers, we get to know their specific requirements and listen to their pain points. We maximise efficiency by carefully managing our work force to match environmental needs such as seasonality and footfall. Maintaining the highest possible standards of cleanliness is a given, but we do so much more as there are almost always personnel on the shop floor helping your customers with: 

  • General Enquiries 
  • Lost Children 
  • First Aid Emergencies  
  • Fire or Evacuations 
  • Security Issues 
  • Bomb Scares 

All of our teams have the option of an NVQ course to further develop their understandings of areas such as customer care, this combined with their vigilance is why we are one of the UK’s leading specialists for Shopping Centre cleaning. 

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