EPSON Telford Limited is the European manufacturing site for both inkjet printers and ink cartridges. The site is situated in an area dense with industrial and manufacturing premises. Epson Telford is at the forefront of Seiko Epson’s environmental activities and was the first site within the Group to receive ISO14001.

The Problem 

Despite having an existing security presence, EPSON found themselves losing hundreds of thousands of pounds through what appeared to be unnecessary wastage and employee/ contractor theft. The incumbent security provider was not proactive enough in mitigating the company’s losses from theft. 

In addition to this, the security officers manning the gatehouse were not giving the correct impression of the company’s values and ethos. The site sees a high turnover of visitors and a large traffic throughout from both delivery and private vehicles so a weakness in this area was detrimental to the company. 

EPSON needed a security provider who would offer a customer service focused gatehouse control with individuals capable of monitoring CCTV, patrolling the site and reporting any findings and managing key control and lost/ found property.

The Solution 

Anchor were awarded the contract during a competitive tender process and successfully TUPE transferred all employees. The employees’ then underwent training in loss prevention and this became a major focus of the service we deliver. 

Anchor introduced a loss mitigation system which included spot searching of vehicles and persons entering and exiting the location and the development of a system called 'Back to Bay' this system enables Anchor officers to request any delivery vehicle exiting the site be returned to the loading bay and have its load re scanned and verified. It was essential that Anchor approached this with sensitivity to avoid conflict with site employees. The result of this proactive approach saw a significant reduction in employee theft. 

The officers working at EPSON now have an average of over 10 years’ service across the whole team, they are seen as members of the EPSON team and consistently praised for their polite and courteous approach to their roles on site.

We have always been impressed with the high level of work that Anchor deliver to all our sites. The team work, professionalism and integrity is second to none and we are delighted to renew and extend our contract with them”. 

Mr Ian Andrews, General Affairs Manager

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