Here at Anchor, we are very excited to reveal that, as part of our CSR strategy, we have partnered with the Ocean Conservation Trust in support of their Blue Meadows Initiative.

Our car park management department, Ocean Parking, has been actively seeking a partnership that would give back to the community and make a real difference. Andrew Harper, CEO here at Anchor Group has said:

“We are an island nation - as a diver and sailor, I love the ocean, and most of us have interacted with it and it often forms a vital part of our lives. As John F. Kennedy once said “We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch – we are going back from whence we came. 

I have always been a huge supporter of the work that the Ocean Conservation Trust carries out, and the team here at Anchor share similar sentiments. As a result, when looking for a cause to support, choosing Ocean Conservation Trust was very easy.”

How is Anchor supporting?

In addition to raising awareness of this cause, our car parking management division, Ocean Parking, will be donating an amazing 5% of all pre-tax profits to the Ocean Conservation Trust, to support them in raising vital funds to protect seagrass for our future generations.

What is the Blue Meadows initiative?

The Blue Meadows initiative focuses on the protection of vital seagrasses, taking a holistic approach to protect, regenerate and restore these areas for future generations.

Seagrasses span North of Scandinavia to the Southern tip of Australia, meaning that they are a crucial part of the planets life support system, and one that has been sadly impacted over the past 100 years through physical disturbance, pollution and disease.

Since the 1930’s, an astounding 90% of Zostera marina seagrass beds have been lost; the Blue Meadows initiative aims to support these valuable habitats to ensure they are not lost forever.

The importance of seagrass

Enhance coastline defence

Seagrass meadows anchor sediments on the seabed that ultimately supports the coastline in protecting it from erosion. This, however, can only be achieved with healthy and present seagrass.

Carbon storage

For thousands of years seagrass meadows have been absorbing and storing vast amounts of carbon from the environment (up to 35% more efficiently than tropical rainforests), making them a crucial component in our fight against climate change.


In just one hectare of healthy seagrass, an astounding 80,000 animals find sanctuary, including rare and endangered species such as seahorses and stalked jellyfish.

Speaking of Anchor’s partnership, Olly Reed, Head of Communications at the Ocean Conservation Trust, has said:

“We are delighted to have Anchor Group on board as a partner of our charity and to support vital Ocean conservation work. Through our relationship, we will be protecting and restoring seagrass meadows across the UK supporting and improving biodiversity and locking in stored carbon.”

You can find out more about the Blue Meadows initiative here .

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