Have you ever been to a shopping centre, shop, petrol station etc. and come away feeling totally underwhelmed and possibly even angered by the service you received?

For many – the answer is yes. Myself included. Just last week I was left feeling coiled up inside after a dreadful exchange at a petrol station till point.

As a former employee at a major high street retailer, I had many years of high level customer service training drilled in to me. I became very familiar with the training room, where I was plied with boiled sweets, room temperature water and furnished with the latest customer service initiatives for the best part of fifteen years – and I wouldn’t change a single thing.

But good customer service isn’t actually that difficult to achieve, in fact, common sense, empathy and courtesy make up two thirds of the ingredients for great customer service. The rest consists of a variety of factors such as; personality, training, the company you work for and its values, career prospects, expectations, rewards and so on.

With the right blend, you can roll the recipe out across the company and employees become instinctively aware of their customer service delivery and how that affects the multi-disciplined environment they work in.

I’ve always adopted this mantra “Treat your customer how you would like to be treated”

Which brings me on to the main point of this blog. Last month we received a letter from a member of the public whose wife received great service from our Security Guards, David Haslam and Anwar Shahzad, when she fell and hurt herself at Cameron Toll Shopping Centre in Scotland.

The letter reads:

“Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing to express our appreciation and say thank you to your staff for the prompt assistance to my wife. 

Shortly after arriving at the centre around 10:40am, my wife slipped or tripped and fell on her face. Within seconds, one of your security personnel was on site to assist us. Having helped her to a seat, he immediately radioed for a medic who very promptly appeared, checked for injuries and applied a compress to a cut lip. He was quickly followed by a second medic, and we were very impressed by their kind attitude and attention to detail. 

I am pleased to say that my wife is completely recovered apart from a couple of minor bruises. 

Please convey our sincere thanks to your security man and the medical team for their prompt and professional assistance.

Yours faithfully,

J. C. Smith” 

Great job guys, keep up the great work! 

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