Protecting your publicly accessible location is always paramount, but especially so during busy period, such as the holidays and the lead up to Christmas.

Gatherings of large numbers of the public who are looking to enjoy the retail and leisure experiences that the holidays offer can subsequentially pose an increased risk to security, particularly in the uncertain times that the world faces.

To combat this increased risk, the team at Anchor’s dedicated security consultancy offering, PAL Protect Consultancy, have designed and embedded a clear security strategy for the protection of publicly accessible locations. Working directly with our clients, we promote the importance of protecting a business’ assets, as well as members of the public.

As we approach the holiday period, we’d like to remind our audience of some key areas of focus that we would recommend in order to prepare your publicly accessible location for the festive period:

Front line teams:

Engage with the public - be visible, be engaging, be alert.
Don’t walk by - if you see something suspicious, investigate it and report it.
Good customer service is great security - make it an enjoyable experience for the customer.
Present a positive image – deter any persons who may want to disrupt or cause harm.

Wear uniform correctly - ensure visibility at all times.
Activate body cameras – if issued, they must also be worn correctly when attending an incident.
Report and escalate - in the event that further support or police intervention is required.
Collaborate - work in partnership with colleagues, clients, and emergency services.

Follow procedure - ensure that all procedures are adhered to and followed.
Remain consistent – a one team approach in carrying out duties and providing protection to the public at all times.


Security systems - all systems should be correctly working, deployed and activated.
CCTV systems - should be fully utilised alongside regular patrols of the areas to identify any potential threats.
Radios - should be fully operational and correct radio procedure used.

Information and intelligence:

Protect UK app - front line security teams should be following all advice received through the Protect UK app on their company devices.
Operations Centre - be alert to any additional information/ intelligence sent via our Anchor Operations Centre.
Briefings - ensure that all information is disseminated and briefed into all members of the team.

Staying vigilant and following a clear operational strategy to protect a publicly accessible location will mitigate risks to both assets and the general public.
PAL Protect Consultancy are the only UK partner working with the Safe Asset Group able to deliver in SHORE Certification. SHORE stands for SAFE Hospitality, Offices, Retail and Exhibitions and is the only global solution for evaluating and certifying operational risk and resilience for individual assets and property portfolios.
If you would like more information on SHORE or any area covered in this article, please contact info@pal-protect.com or email Ian Pugh, Director of PAL Protect at ian.pugh@pal-protect.com.

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