Anchor Group Services’ PAL Protect Consultancy division is currently the only UK partner for SHORE Certification.

Created by SAFE Asset Group, the SHORE Certification is an internationally recognised and acknowledged resilience certification programme for SAFE Hospitality, Offices, Retail and Exhibitions assets (SHORE). It is the only global solution for evaluating and certifying operational risk and resilience for individual assets and property portfolios.

The main goal of SHORE Certification is to create safe and sustainable assets, promoting safe environments and strong governance. SHORE measures the optimum management of an asset, while PAL Protect as partners will ensure the creation and maintenance of sustainable, safe, secure, and healthy working conditions for all stakeholders on the property.

PAL Protect Consultancy delivers risk management security solutions across various sectors including retail, education, the corporate sector, and most recently, facilities management. The solutions include Incident Management, Crisis and Major Incident Management as well as Business Continuity Planning.

PAL Protect were selected as the UK partner by the CEO of Safe Asset Group, Erik Engstrand due to our:

  • Experience and excellent understanding of the UK market and the requirements of the industry
  • Excellent understanding of the real estate industry, office, shopping centre and retail, in addition to hospitality and exhibitions
  • Wide ranging real estate and shopping centre experience
  • Well known and documented safety and security expertise in real estate
  • Experience in providing risk management solutions
  • Understanding of operations in real estate assets across all service lines
  • Impeccable credentials and reputation

Director of PAL Protect, Ian Pugh, has over 38 years of working within the security industry at a senior group level. He has delivered both contracted security as well as designed and delivered security strategies for large inhouse security teams at his previous role as Group Head of Security for the largest UK shopping centre owner at the time, intu plc.

Working alongside Ian is FM Consultant, Geoff Grateley, who himself has over 30 years of experience working within the facilities management industry reporting into board level. He was personally responsible for delivering both soft and hard services across a large portfolio of shopping centres within the UK in his previous position, Operations Director for the FM division of intu plc.

Both Ian and Geoff have built successful consultancy businesses since leaving intu, and now enjoy working alongside Andrew Harper, CEO of Anchor Group Services as the driving forces behind security consultancy division, PAL Protect.

Ian Pugh, commented:

“We are delighted to have been chosen by Erik and SAFE Asset Group to be the UK partner for delivery of the SHORE Certification. Whilst at intu, I was a member of the security committee for the European Council of Shopping Places, and I saw first-hand the value that the SHORE accreditation delivers to its clients and partners worldwide.

We believe our experience of working in and delivering services to the UK real estate market places us in a unique position to make the SHORE Certification the accreditation of choice for UK Real Estate Asset owners and operators who want recognition and confirmation that their asset is a SAFE asset for their employees and the public to work, meet, shop and stay.”

We fully support the UK Government’s decision to bring into law the Protect Duty which will scale up the UK preparedness for dealing with terrorist attacks for organisations operating within Publicly Accessible Locations.

The SHORE Certification does not focus purely on terrorism but on all aspects of evidencing safe management and operational preparedness of an organisation responsible for managing the asset, whilst also evidencing the competence and preparedness of the service provider delivering in services to that asset.

We believe that as SAFE Asset Group clients worldwide (some who also operate in the UK) have seen the value of holding this accreditation, then UK organisations will also see the benefit. Organisations who become SHORE Accredited will be best prepared to evidence their commitment in delivering in SAFE Places in anticipation of the Protect Duty coming into law and the further requirements that the new legislation will place on businesses around terrorism preparedness.

The benefits of SHORE Accreditation are:

  • Demonstrate duty of care - Investors, owners and operators are expected to do everything ‘reasonably possible’ to protect the health and safety of employees, tenants and visitors.
  • Boost property value - In routine valuations, investments are increasingly assessed for safety, security and risk.
  • Increase brand value - Besides simply being safe, a premium location must also feel safe. This is crucial for attracting tenants and visitors, driving repeat visitation and increasing dwell time.
  • Reduce risk and insurance costs - Minimising liability risks, protecting against security threats, and reducing the risk of business interruption allows the optimisation of insurance-related costs.

PAL Protect Consultancy look forward to this new partnership and meeting with UK business to present the benefits of being SHORE accredited. They can then align with organisations across the globe who hold and display the accreditations on their assets whilst welcoming their employees and the public to their building which will have been independently assessed as a safe environment to work, meet, shop and stay.

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