We are an all service provider which includes: Security, eGuarding, Cleaning, Mobile Patrols, Parking Management and Reactive and Planned Property Maintenance. Anchor was established by Andrew Harper, Chief Executive, in 1987, with limited resources all coordinated by a single, very large, mobile phone.

Expansion has been brisk – thanks to our unrivaled commitment to finding, retaining and developing the best possible workforce combined with intelligent, focused customer care. 

30 years later, these fundamentals remain unchanged - as does the percentage of satisfied customers. We now operate nationwide in a range of interrelated services and the Anchor brand is synonymous with quality and reliability across them all. Anchor Group is not publicly listed, so there’s no pressure from anonymous shareholders to plan for short-term financial gain. Instead our experienced board and private shareholder group are committed to reinvestment and long-term development.

Our CEO & Directors are experienced and effective, with a combined total of  80 years of industry experience between them. Thanks to our flatter structure, decisions can be made without the need to go through layers and layers of middle management - meaning that our clients have more direct access to key decision-makers. Our people are professional, have the right experience and are highly motivated. We are committed to achieving high standards for our clients, taking ownership of our actions and above all, delivering on our promises. 

After sixteen years of providing security services and gaining industry knowledge from various sectors, it was inevitable that the company diversified and was keen to add value to clients by offering a dual service. So in 2006, Anchor launched its cleaning division. 

Following on from successful growth into the cleaning market, and at the request of many clients, in 2010 Anchor Group implemented a parking scheme at a large shopping centre in the North of England. The rapid growth of the parking division, known as Ocean Parking (formally Care Parking), has been substantial. We now have in excess of 160 sites across the UK. 

Experience in the wider soft service environment has granted us a unique scope of services that we could actually provide ourselves. So we researched, trained and developed our teams to carry out additional tasks along side their regular jobs. This initiative brought about the creation of our Care Property team.

Anchor are committed to finding new ways to add and improve services within the soft service industry, we understand that whilst technology and innovation are key players in the delivery of these services, getting the basics right is equally important.  

“So why is it important to get the basics right? Because the complexities are built on the basics – If you truly understand, and then deliver the basics, you can build and appreciate the complexities around you. You will never really be able to deliver any added value if your foundations aren’t strong.”  

- Andrew Harper, CEO.

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